4 Dimensional Industrial Design - "For the idea"

For more than 10 years, I’ve been working with different CAD-platforms, focused on mesh-based modeling for the last 6 years. Orientating myself towards additive manufacturing.
The possibilities of mesh manipulation are virtually unlimited. Starting from 3D-scans, TAC´s … makes it even better.
I consider CAD-platforms as virtual lab to explore, 3D lattices, models in detail, to further plan, iterate and print concepts.
Through generative design new (bio-)mechanical behavior can be conceived and achieved.

diseño industrial design

Feeding more geometry to the printer with less megabytes has always been a priority for me, since often this is where the bottleneck is situated.
4 Dimensional. Meaning: aiming for that extra function. In the sense that materials can evolve over time. Such as Osseo integrative characteristics for example. Support plates can be removed over time, Screws don’t come loose, and implants are a perfect custom fit.
Extensive R&D and In-vivo testing have showed great results. Which lead to a total of more than 30 clinical cases, in Canary Islands, Spain, Italy, Argentina, ... Visit the 4DID part of the website for more info.

Future Makers

Recently I was selected to feature in a mini-series about future makers. It was a call-out from Autodesk, by the crew of dezeen.com.

LPA-Fabrika Gran Canaria Makerspace

As co-founder of the Lpa-Fabrika, I am responsible for everything that is 3D related. We offer introductory courses, and digital manufacturing services. One of the most successful courses till now was the 3D school, where pupils visited our installation, familiarized with the concept of additive manufacturing, and then learned the basics of 3D design. So that they could make their own personalized key hanger. http://www.lpafabrika.com/